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The section provides details of the prevailing policy, statutory environment and the various organisations involved in water management.>>>>>


Participatory Irrigation Management

Andhra was the first state to provide the statutory authority to PIM in 1997. Read on for an overview, present status, process and a critical evaluation.>>>>>


1Financial Sustainability
A systemic approach lead to gradual enahancement in irrigation water tax collection to present level of about Rs 1320 million (at 1997 tax rates) that exceeds the average annual cost of operation and maintenance as assessed by the farmers. Read on for approach, enabling orders and present status.>>>>


Right to Water

This section discusses the historical evolution of water rights, present constitutional and other statutory provisions, status in various states in India and the model adopted by Andhra Prades.>>>>>


Project Management
A protocol is developed following a cyclical approach to synchronise with crop cycle. It adopts a workbook based planning, water use effificiency, partcipatory self assessment with farmers to assess the performance of the project, and varified through remote sensing..>>>>>

1Minor Irrigation, Livelihood
new apprroach is evolved for managing the tank based irrigation that takes in to account the surface and ground water for crop water budgeting to improve the livelihood opportunities in remote areas that are not serviced by the major projects. .>>>>


Irrigated Agriculture

Irrigated agriculture produces the surplus and provides national food security as compared rainfed areas. Surface and ground water based agriculture cover around 6.110 mn ha to produce 20.42 mn tons of food grains. Irrigation, water use efficiency and agriculture technology would play a major role in meeting the expanding food demand..>>>>>

Tool Book
You would find a brief description of various tools used for project management, capacity building modules for farmer, workbook, performance manaegment, water use efficiecny, crop water budgeting, Reservoir and canal flow monitoring system etc..>>>>>

A.P. Government Projects
Read on for innovative projects on irrigation being implemented in Andhra Pradesh, more specifically Andhra Pradesh Community Based Tank Management Project, AP Irrigation and Livelihood Improvement Project and RRR project..>>>>>

Study of Ground Water use in Command areas of Major Irrigation Projects to achieve optimal utilization in Ground Water regime.>>>



Interactive Session for DC Presidents with Resource persons of Major & Medium Irrigation Projects on sharing of Success stories.>>>



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